Visitors can book a round up to 5 days in advance. All rounds MUST be booked online.

Please follow the guidance in the 'On the course' section below at all times. 

On the course:
  • The on-course toilet is open

  • All rakes have been removed

  • Preferred lies in all bunkers - mark, lift and place within 6 inches, no nearer the hole. 

  • Inserts have been placed in all holes to minimise contact with the cup and flag

  • Try not to touch the flagstick or flag, do not tend the flag

  • Leave the flag in the hole all the time and please remove your ball carefully

  • Only pick up your own ball

  • Keep your distance - at least 2 metres apart

  • Do not share any equipment, such as golf clubs or rangefinders

  • Avoid any contact with playing partners

  • Don’t shake hands before or after your game

  • Please do not sit on, or touch the benches on the course

  • Use your club to 'ring' the bells on holes 2 and 11

  • Minimise touching the hand rail on holes 3 and 12

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after your game

Visiting the Clubhouse

The clubhouse is currently closed for refurbishment.