Clubhouse Update


During the third COVID-19 lockdown negotiations to find a licensee to run our bar/restaurant were delayed. The negotiations are now moving again but have not yet been finalised. We hope to have an agreement/contract by mid-May.

Despite not having an absolute guarantee that we will reach a final agreement the Council have agreed to progress with the refurbishment of the clubhouse and toilets.

This decision was taken because the clubhouse is in desperate need of refurbishment anyway. The timing was brought forward partly based on the availability of contractors and partly because the earliest pubs, clubs and restaurants can open is the 17th of May.

Other elements of the refurbishment will take place only when we have a binding contract with a licensee.

The target date for the opening of the restaurant is the 1st of August.

We have also served notice on June and Tony to move out of the flat.

Refurbishment - phase 1

The main element of the refurbishment is the separation of the locker rooms from the toilets and the provision of new toilets and showers. A plan of the proposed clubhouse is included in the members section of the website (password Cgbe2017). The locker rooms themselves are not been refurbished.

The lounge and snooker room are being redecorated and the flooring replaced.

The redecorating has already started in terms of preparation but main work will start on Monday the 3rd of May. The work on the toilets will start on Tuesday the 4th of May.

During the refurbishment the snooker table will remain where it is today but it will not be available to use. The light will have been removed and the area will need to be used for storage.

The work will not be complete in time to reopen the clubhouse on the 17th of May. We hope to open the bar and lounge during the following week but the toilets will not be complete until later. The only toilets available will be the outside toilet and the disabled toilet. The main toilets and locker rooms will be closed from Monday the 3rd of May until the beginning of June.

We expect that the cost of this phase of the refurbishment will approximately £30,000, although this figure will be reduced if we can increase the number of volunteers.

Refurbishment - phase 2

The kitchen will be next on the list for refurbishment and is expected to start at the beginning of June. The cost of this will be shared between EBGC and the licensee. Our investment will be £6000.

The snooker table will need to be moved at the beginning of July. We will also need to move our furniture because it will be replaced by the licensee furniture.

The licensee will invest approximately £16,500 on the kitchen and furniture.

Refurbishment - phase 3

The flat will be converted into a private members area. We can not start this work until June and Tony have moved out but the cost and the plans for this area have are not yet finalised. At a later time, we will consult with members about this area and specifically whether we should relocate the snooker table or let it go altogether.

The current plan drawing, included in the members section of the website, shows the snooker table in the private members area but this only to give a perspective of the size of the space.

Refurbishment - future

It is clear that the club would benefit from an improved outside area, both for the restaurant and separately for members. This falls within our ambitions but we do not have the funds to do everything at once.

Once we start to receive an income from the licensee future reviews will have to address if and where we invest.

Provision of the bar and restaurant

The bar will remain open, to serve drinks outside, from Friday through to Monday.

The lounge should open during the week commencing the 24th of May. The main toilets will follow one or two weeks behind.

There will be no food served until the licensee opens the restaurant on the 1st of August.

From the 1st of August the bar will no longer be run by EBGC, although members will get a discount on drinks ensuring that the prices are more or less in line with today’s prices. The bar will be open everyday except Tuesday.

The private members area will not be available until sometime after the 1st of August. The restaurant will have a public bar, which members will be encouraged to use both before and after the private members area opens.


To reduce our cost, we still need volunteers to help with the decorating.

Steve Moorhouse, Pete Simpson and David Bentley have already spent a number of days preparing for the decorating but we need more help in the weeks to come.

Please could anyone with free time next week contact Jonathan Archer or Trevor Haigh. We’ll be sanding, cleaning, filling and painting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The main decorating will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 5th, 6th and 7th of May. These volunteers will be assisting a professional decorator and the work will entail mainly painting.


We are running out of space and while it is possible to pay for storage it would help a great deal if any member has some storage space that we could use on a temporary basis.

We need to store the honours boards (these will be put back on the wall just as soon as the painting is complete), the trophy cabinet and a few tables and chairs (which will go in the private members lounge sometime in August). Depending on the outcome of the future review of what to do with the snooker table we may also need to store this for a month or two.

Please contact either Trevor Haigh or Jonathan Archer if you can help with this.