Winter rules now in operation

Winter Rules and new local rules in operation from 17 October 2019.

Due to the recent very wet weather, we have had to introduce winter rules a little earlier than usual.

Please follow the rules below to preserve our course during winter conditions:

  • We will be playing off tee mats. All grass tees are now mandatory GUR

  • Fairway mats MUST be used (on fairways only). If you do not like playing off a fairway mat, you may lift, clean and PLACE your ball in the nearest rough, no nearer the hole, without penalty

  • Powered trolleys MUST use winter wheels (hedgehog, wide tread, etc.)

  • No buggies of any sort are allowed, sorry

  • Push/pull trolleys are not affected

  • While playing to normal greens, temporary greens are mandatory GUR

  • While playing to temporary greens, normal greens are mandatory GUR

  • Mandatory GUR means that you must drop away from the green, even if you want to putt

  • Please repair pitch marks on greens AND temporary/winter greens. If the temporary/winter greens are not in play then you must treat them as mandatory GUR and please avoid walking across them, especially with a trolley!

Local rules now in operation.

  1. If you lose a ball ON THE FAIRWAY and your playing partners agree the location, you may play another ball without penalty.

  2. Preferred Lies ‘in the general area’, which means you can lift, clean and place your ball (within 6 inches, no nearer the hole) anywhere on the course except penalty areas or bunkers.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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