Clubhouse reopens on Saturday 11 July

The clubhouse reopens on Saturday 11 July.

There are lots of changes needed due to COVID-19 to enable us to open the clubhouse and ensure the safety of all our employees, members and visitors.

Please read and follow the processes detailed below and be patient as we all get used to the new processes. The changes are:


No cash payments will be accepted. A contactless payment system has been installed and will accept both debit and credit cards. Members cards will not be needed and it won't be possible to top these up.

Our steward, June will use her own 'dummy members card' to ensure that a members discount is applied to all member transactions.

For those members who have money left on their cards it will still be possible to spend this money, should you wish. Please follow the instructions from June.

Numbers in the clubhouse:

A maximum of 24 people will be allowed in the bar at any one time. Please do not move tables and chairs because they have been positioned to ensure social distancing is followed. There is a 'used glass' table once you have finished your drinks.


Please use the patio doors to enter and exit the clubhouse. During opening hours the patio doors will be left permanently open. Please give priority to people exiting the building. June will record the details (names, telephone numbers) of everyone that comes into the bar, including guests.

Hand Sanitisers:

There are hand sanitisers at various locations in the building, including one by the patio doors for you to use when you enter and exit the building.

Locker Rooms:

The locker rooms remain closed for use but will physically be open because they are fire exits from the building.


The toilets are open but only for use by one person at a time.


The snooker table is closed but the room will not be completely closed off from the bar because there is another fire exit.


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