The Course

You don’t have to be a big hitter to enjoy playing our course, sometimes it helps, but its relatively short yardage makes it ideal for most gentlemen golfers, ladies and juniors. There are a couple of small hills, but the course is mostly easy walking. 


The parkland course protects itself with fairly tight fairways and a variety of hazards, so satisfaction is guaranteed with a moderate amount of accuracy. There are trees to be avoided, but many are still relatively young which can be negotiated unless you are really unlucky. And when you get there, high quality, testing greens greet you. 

As a 9 hole course, you can play all of it on a summer evening after work without taking too much time out. A full 18 holes then requires two circuits. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, our members can enjoy breakfast half way through the club competition round, everything from a slice of toast to a full breakfast. This provides a unique perspective on a competitive round of golf. 

If you want a day out, then we can accommodate 18, 27 or 36 hole events with excellent catering to suite any size of party.